A little introduction...

Our little family resides in Austin, Texas... I know that makes us weird right. Well quirky is what I'm always going for. Hays & Hers is just an update on our life or life as we know it. Welcome to Casey & Callie's blog page!


My Spirit Animal...

So Casey says my love for all things peacock must mean that they are my spirit animal. ha. The funny thing is I don't really like birds at all; the beaks and talons thing gets me every time. I do like any and all things designed peacock and I thought I would share some of my own as well as some of my favorite finds. If you haven't discovered Etsy you really should.
Here's my Top 10 Reasons to LOVE PEACOCKS!!!

1. My living room Peacock Mixed Media canvases: 

I got an awesome deal on these at Tuesday Morning. Awesome place to catch some good deals on Home Decor goods. 

2. My Peacock Table Lamp: 
I bought this lamp at Goodwill and it had a horrible ugly shade that went with it. I trashed that from the beginning and went on a search for a prettier one. This search was unsuccessful for such an odd shaped lamp, so finally I made a lamp shade. I have a connection to a lofty collection of feathers, so I used them all up on my shade, and man did it take some feathers! 

3. Pier One Peacock Pillow (Peter Piper Picked it)
Pier One buy- always awesome funky stuff. Sometimes kinda pricey, but I look for sale items, and voila! My pillow! 

Other Finds: 
4. Funky Fresh Peacock Earrings!!!
Oh Etsy, how I love thee! Anywhere my creative abilities are lacking, someone can pick up the slack! 

5. Vanity Flair Peacock Shoe Clips

6. Steam Punk Peacock Necklace: 
Steam punk jewelry has become one of my favorite fashions and if you combine that with the peacock blues of this design it is unbeatable! 

7. Peacock Tights: 
I would like to jazz up an outfit with these! Love them! 

8. Peacock Necklace with a little Shimmer! 

9. I'm Dreaming of a Feathery Christmas!
I think a Christmas Tree is a place to go overboard, and this was a really fun one. I know peacock was a big deal on the xmas circuit last year, so here's hoping there's a big new thing and all my feather clad ornaments are on sell! 

10.  Fancy Felt Peacock Scarf: 


Halloween Costume Ideas...

My main idea for Halloween this year is to be a Roller Derby girl. Any better ideas- hook me up!
Pluses (+): *I get to wear Roller Skates
                  *I could put funky colors in my hair
                  *I could actually tell my school kids what
                  I dressed up like when they ask and not
                  get fired
                  *It would be unique (I think)
                  *I would be fierce but still girly
                  *Fake Blood and bruises would be
                  *I could find my costume at a thrift store

Minuses (-): *I would be wearing Roller Skates,
                    potential embarrassing moments
                    for sure
                    *It would work better if I could get
                    others to dress up with me
                    *I have NO idea where we are going
                    or what we are doing for Halloween...
                    *Drinking plus skating... the potential
                    for embarrassing moments is rising as
                    I think about it
                    *I might get real bruises

Anyways... this is my idea, what do you think?
And if you haven't seen actress Ellen Page's Whip it, it's based on Shauna Cross novel and I think Drew Barrymore directed or produced or something, watch it. I really liked it; it's a cute funky movie! It is actually based here in Austin, and a fake town called Bodeen, TX. I looked up the schedule today and wouldn't you know it, the last "Bout" of the season was last night at the Convention center.

Other Roller Derby Girl Looks: 

HH.jpg strawberry.jpg trickpony.jpg

shelleycaltonfeature5.jpglucyback2.jpg chains1.jpg TruckStop_01.jpg

Also, I need to come up with a Roller derby team name: 
I must belong to a team
Then I need a name, help, ideas???

Team Names: Probably will have a lot to do with my Thrift store adventures and what I come up with
Derby Name: 
C. N. Stars
Callie Chaos
Purple Haze
Cal Ripskin
Calamity Pain



Top 5 New Obsessions...

#1. The Hunger games... can't put it down. I'll be making a trip to the bookstore for #2 tomorrow. 

#2. All old movies starring Robert Downey Jr.. Perfect for a rainy saturday. 

Chances are File-Chances_are_poster.jpg

Heart and SoulsFile-HeartandSouls.jpg

The Pickup ArtistFile-Pickupartistposter.jpg

Only YouFile-Only_you_poster.jpg

#3: Band: Cage the Elephant...  Good Beat and awesome lyrics... it's nice to find a rock band with actually something to say! 
Ain't No Rest for the Wicked: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U631FGnXDXY
Back Against the Wall: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iT4Y2JleWrQ
In One Ear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPgWNuUkuA8
Tiny Little Robots: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THWMlZMj8dQ

#4. Kerbey Lane Cafe, Austin, TX
Eggs Francisco.... OMG AMAZING!!!

#5. Fabric Covered Wooden Bead Necklaces



Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock & Skittles Tubesock!

So we have recently become enamored with The Big Bang Theory. 
imgres.jpgIt is awesome! One funny part for us is that these Super geniuses are a little bit like Reedo Hammo. We introduced him to the show and he is a huge fan. If you know the show you will definitely appreciate this Tshirt Mary got him for his birthday! 


Casey wants to be Sheldon for Halloween. Either that or the tube sock from the skittles commercial. loll. I'm shooting for the tube sock. Check it out if you are unfamiliar.  Do I know why one leg is bigger or why his arm is attached on one side? No I do not... weird. 
imgres.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh-Q8ru3oVc

Labor Day Road Trip...

This Labor Day we road-tripped to Alpine where we had big adventures...

There's nothing quite like hittin' the road. Casey and I are ROAD WARRIORS. Our Roadtrip adventures include playing 20 questions, reading Twilight aloud, counting roadkill, and singin' to old time country. The thing about Willie is he doesn't quite sing on beat, and even 3 CDs of strait Willie over 8 hours is not a pleasant experience. I banned this after the 1st road trip, so now we mix it up! And turns out... over the years we have been quite mixed up.

Strange interpretations of 90's country songs: Casey believed "Strait Tequila Night" was "Strange Tequila Night" or in Garth's "Friends in Low Places," Casey thought it to say "I'm not big on soft embraces"- actual words, "I'm not big on social graces." Also, he definitely thought the song "Sharp dressed man" was "Shot glass Man." My only major song mixup was thinking back in the day that "Shameless" was sayin' "I'm Shavin'."

Small towns are also one of my favorite parts of cruisin'. ESPECIALLY on holidays! Can you believe all of the festivities! Don't drink don't drive, do the watermelon crawl!

Oh the sights we saw! Mountains and puppies! (A.G. and Marsha have 8 Heeler puppies. 3 Blue & 5 Red.) I sure miss little Peanut. I wanted to take her home. 

But all good Roadtrips must come to an end... and man were we pooped! 


Casey has banned me from Craigslist...

You know the saying "When it rains it pours" well it does. I keep a running "If we ran across a good deal we need this" list. My biggest list items were a daybed with trundle for the guest room because it's too small for a full or queen bed and we mostly have couples in the friends and family department. Well I'm cruisin' Craigslist and, I found an awesome deal... $75.00 for bed with nice mattress, what a deal! I talk Casey into it and YAY, it's ours!
So no harm, no foul right? Wrong. For some silly reason I get on Craigslist again and there it is, my dream bed. The only other big item on my "keep a look out" list is an awesome four poster king bed. After all, I love Casey more when I don't have to share a queen bed with him. So, here it is the perfect bed for a kickin' deal. I talk Casey into it, and ooh la la, it's ours. It's huge. The posts are about 7' tall and the headboard almost 6'. Talk about some assembling for one day! We had to make friends with the neighbors just to get it upstairs. Check it out! 
And here are a couple photos of my dining area for curious minds. I made this table and painted all my funky chairs. My house is so art deco.