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Our little family resides in Austin, Texas... I know that makes us weird right. Well quirky is what I'm always going for. Hays & Hers is just an update on our life or life as we know it. Welcome to Casey & Callie's blog page!


My Spirit Animal...

So Casey says my love for all things peacock must mean that they are my spirit animal. ha. The funny thing is I don't really like birds at all; the beaks and talons thing gets me every time. I do like any and all things designed peacock and I thought I would share some of my own as well as some of my favorite finds. If you haven't discovered Etsy you really should.
Here's my Top 10 Reasons to LOVE PEACOCKS!!!

1. My living room Peacock Mixed Media canvases: 

I got an awesome deal on these at Tuesday Morning. Awesome place to catch some good deals on Home Decor goods. 

2. My Peacock Table Lamp: 
I bought this lamp at Goodwill and it had a horrible ugly shade that went with it. I trashed that from the beginning and went on a search for a prettier one. This search was unsuccessful for such an odd shaped lamp, so finally I made a lamp shade. I have a connection to a lofty collection of feathers, so I used them all up on my shade, and man did it take some feathers! 

3. Pier One Peacock Pillow (Peter Piper Picked it)
Pier One buy- always awesome funky stuff. Sometimes kinda pricey, but I look for sale items, and voila! My pillow! 

Other Finds: 
4. Funky Fresh Peacock Earrings!!!
Oh Etsy, how I love thee! Anywhere my creative abilities are lacking, someone can pick up the slack! 

5. Vanity Flair Peacock Shoe Clips

6. Steam Punk Peacock Necklace: 
Steam punk jewelry has become one of my favorite fashions and if you combine that with the peacock blues of this design it is unbeatable! 

7. Peacock Tights: 
I would like to jazz up an outfit with these! Love them! 

8. Peacock Necklace with a little Shimmer! 

9. I'm Dreaming of a Feathery Christmas!
I think a Christmas Tree is a place to go overboard, and this was a really fun one. I know peacock was a big deal on the xmas circuit last year, so here's hoping there's a big new thing and all my feather clad ornaments are on sell! 

10.  Fancy Felt Peacock Scarf: 

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  1. As much as you hate birds, I find it interesting that your header for your blog is none other than...2 birds.